Tonti is proud to be part of the 30/20/10 fitness program.  Each students averages 30 minutes of physical education per day.  Each student receives daily:  20 minutes of recess 

Healthy School Policy

Enrico Tonti is a health minded school.  All teachers and staff are prohibited from using food, whether it is healthy or not, as a punishment or a reward.  

We strongly advise against celebrating birthdays or holidays with food.  Suggestions for celebrating without food can be found in our parent handbook and includes bringing a movie to school, listening/dancing to music, playing a game of soccer or tag, etc.   If a parent chooses to bring a snack to celebrate a birthday or holiday it must meet the Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards (see below).

In keeping with school policy, a classroom may have two celebrations per year that includes less nutritious foods that are not on the Smart Snacks list.  The two celebrations are Halloween and the end of the school year celebration.  Teachers will use these celebrations to discuss with students portion control and moderation.  Information on these and other health topics can be found at   For more information, see Mrs. Zigulich or Mr. Sciortino.

As part of our Healthy School Initiative, only healthy foods will be allowed in the school.  This challenges our students to be more creative in the way we celebrate special occasions.  Always using food to celebrate instills the idea in our children that eating foods such as chips, cake and sugary drinks are the only way to celebrate. In general, food should not be used are a reward or punishment because it creates a very strong classical conditioning effect which may prove difficult to break later in life.  

Great video showing what 200 calories look like.  

Great video that shows the benefits of exercise.