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Personalized Learning Articles

#1: Overall information on learning centers such as types ( those practicing, those applying the practice) and how to incorporate personalized learning in using learning centers. Students having responsibility through assessments.

#2: Basic information on how to structure a classroom for those beginning their teacher career.

#3: New approach to learning centers: how to include technology within their learning centers.

#4: Top ten benefits of learning center. This article is for those learning how to implement and structure learning center.

#5: Student lead learning centers. Students taking leadership by facilitating learning centers in secondary education.

#6: Centers in middle school. This article has lists of skills, ways to decorate, activities, etc. for learning centers.

#7: This article concentrates on what is needed to have a successful learning center that fits personalized learning.

#8: Article focuses on student choice and opinion on procedures, academic needs, etc.

#9: Case studies of school who were given money to implement personalized learning

#10: Detailed article on how a school implements personalized learning.

#11: Value of blended learning and project based learning in the classroom.

#12: A district in California who recently implemented personalized learning with and without technology.


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